About Us

TEC Group consists of two business units, functioning as one, that provide comprehensive technical staffing services both candidates and customers have come to appreciate. Established in 1980, Technical Engineering Consultants has grown to become one of the leading engineering staffing firms in Southeast Michigan, servicing the Big Three automakers.

Batton Technical was founded in 1993 and grew to become one of the leading machine tool and skilled trades staffing firms in Southeast Michigan, servicing Tier 1 & 2 suppliers to the automation & automotive industries.

In 2010, the two companies found each other and decided to pursue one vision. Today, TEC Group operates in 23 states and Canada, supplying Engineering, Skilled Trades and Administrative help to hundreds of customers. In 2014, IT was added to our book of business with the addition of the largest IT company in the world as a customer.

TEC Group has consistently redefined the contract services marketplace with our distinct and specialized approach to technical staffing. TEC’s solution combines a thorough knowledge of our client’s business with the exceptional ability to distinguish uniquely qualified and specially trained professionals. As a result, our clients are more likely to achieve greater efficiency by entertaining top quality personnel. Ultimately, we make connections between dynamic organizations and resourceful professionals with a focus on realizing and maintaining value. Our success rests upon one simple premise: we serve two customers with every hire- the end customer and our candidate.