Flexible staffing solutions designed with you in mind

contract placementContract Placement

An open engagement that allows you to add additional staff as needed without increasing your permanent headcount. One contract covers multiple personnel throughout the company.

contract to directContract to Direct

Allows you to spread and defer direct placement cost over time. Think of this as a “test drive” for you and the employee to ensure they are a good fit before placing them in a long-term commitment with your company.

direct placementDirect Placement

When you are looking to fill key positions- get the best candidates without the high cost of recruiting them.

payroll servicesPayroll Services

Provides you with a ready-made team of professional HR and payroll managers who can help you outsource key functions, including payroll, benefits, claims, legal compliance, etc. This can significantly lower overhead for small and medium sized companies, eliminating cost of HR administration, employment risk, and recruitment of top talent. By engaging with TEC your company can focus on what it does best, while benefitting from what we do best.