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TEC Group continues to build on 40 years of job placement expertise. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to employers and job seekers. We have proven ourselves over the years and provide white-glove recruitment, from supplemental employment to direct hires for executive-level positions.


TEC Group goes further, getting to know the people and businesses we serve so that we can better understand their unique needs and address them over the long term.


We are an industry leader in placement services and provide services you can trust. Everything we do at TEC Group mitigates risk and expense in building teams of qualified personnel.


TEC Group is here to help. From day one, your company’s values are our values, and we’re here to work as your teammates in building the best.

Your Employees Are the Building Blocks of Your Business. But Where and How Do You Find Them?
TEC Group is a recruitment agency with more than 40 years of experience in various specialist fields and a rich database of selected employees and employers. The client satisfaction rate of 98% makes us one of the most successful agencies among search results for employment agencies nationwide, operating in over 25 states and counting. We offer you flexible solutions, be it for permanent jobs, temporary cover, or top-rank positions.
Companies may resort to using an employment agency for different reasons. One reason could be that they do not have enough resources to handle the recruitment process. They may also have no expertise in the field they are recruiting for. The company may need professional advice of any kind. Or it just wants to make sure that it has access to all the best candidates, including people who are not actively looking for a job.
In all those cases, we can be of great help. The more detailed information we get from you, the more likely you will get your best employee. We begin with a thorough job description and your requirements for the candidate. Our team is also always available to help you fine-tune these. Please pay attention to salary (minimum and maximum) and benefits for your employees. That would greatly help us be more precise in finding you the most suitable team member.
It is important for us to know your company and working environment there as well as the exact team your new employer is supposed to work with. It will help us best accommodate your and your potential employer’s needs to ensure everything fits perfectly in all respects.
Being a client of TEC Group means you are a client of not only one of the best job agencies in the nation but it also gives you access to the best recruiters in the country. That means you’ll get fast results, and you’ll have the most suitable employee for the open position in no time without losing the quality.
TEC Group is with you till the end. We guide our clients throughout the recruitment process, from getting the applicant’s resume right through to official employment.