Navigating the Electric Future Together

At TEC Group, we understand the rapid growth of the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry and the essential roles that people play in this transformation. With the shift toward cleaner and more sustainable transportation, there’s a surging demand for top-tier talent to lead the charge. If you’re an employer seeking to navigate this electric revolution, our comprehensive recruitment services are tailor-made for you. Contact us today to dive into the future with us, and let’s electrify your team!
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Powering Your Vision: Executive Searches

The heart of any successful venture lies in its leadership. Our executive search process ensures that your EV venture has the guiding hands it needs. With a deep-rooted understanding of the industry, we handpick leaders who not only understand the technical nuances but also resonate with your company’s vision.
Executive Search

Charging Up Your Ranks: Positions We Can Help Fill

  • EV System Architects
  • Battery Engineers
  • Drivetrain Designers
  • EV Infrastructure Planners
  • Chargepoint Designers
  • Software Developers for EV Management Systems

From foundational roles to specialized experts, our technical staffing prowess ensures you have the talent to turn vision into reality.

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Beyond the Resume: Expert Candidate Screening Process

It’s more than just ticking boxes. Our candidate screening process dives deep, evaluating potential hires not just on their professional skills but also their adaptability, passion for the EV sector, and alignment with your company’s values. Trust us to bring you candidates that are both technically sound and culturally aligned.

Currents of Collaboration Helping You Build Electric Teams

An electric vehicle is a symphony of parts working in harmony. Similarly, building a successful team requires cohesion. Our hiring solutions ensure that every new hire, from senior management to entry-level, complements your existing team, enhancing productivity and innovation.

Drive into Tomorrow, Today!

The electric vehicle sector offers boundless potential, and with TEC Group by your side , you have a trusted partner to help you harness it. We’re here to supercharge your staffing solutions with customizable hiring options and precise candidate screenings. We offer Executive Search, Direct Hire, Contract to Hire, Project Based Contract and/or Indefinite Contract. Connect with TEC Group today and let’s shape the electric future together!

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