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TEC tips: How to work best at home

Working from home can be a big change. And it can take a toll on you!

TEC Group, Inc. is here to weaken the blow of being stuck at home with these helpful tips.

  1. schedule chunks of time in the day for specific work tasks and schedule time to take a few breaks

  2. Have a space in the house where your work things are and keep them organized

  3. Keep a consistent schedule; Wake up at the same time. Eat breakfast, have your coffee, meditate

  4. Create your own space - Try best to disconnect from household distractions

  5. Communication is key - Call your teammates and stay involved

  6. Plan for the next day - Now, more than ever, it's most important to set daily goals and tasks

  7. Take a real lunch break where you step away from your home office space/laptop, don't just eat in-front of your computer

  8. Try to get outside at some point in the day for some fresh air

  9. Set daily goals for yourself to hit to stay on track

  10. After work, try and spend as much time as possible outside working on the yard or walking your pets

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