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The Loss of the Handshake

COVID-19 has not only changed our personal lives, but it has also changed the way we conduct business.

Today’s focus is how we can avoid the spread of germs.

Ironically, according to Times Magazine, the stapled handshake was embedded in the patient-doctor relationship. Embedded to the point that handshakes between the two happened 83% of the time according to a 2007 analysis.

With that being said, The American Journal of Infection Control revealed that a handshake transfers nearly twice as many germs as a high five.

Now, the handshake is no more, at least for now.

Shaking someone’s hand was the first and last action during a business matter.

"I, myself, always believed the handshake would show me how strong a person is."

TEC Group's Social Media Specialist, Hannah says, "No one likes a weak handshake from a potential employee or a boss."

Now that this world is waving goodbye to handshakes, others are thinking of what the new handshake will be.

We have one word: Bow.

"Personally, I never liked the handshake. Too much touching." Says Recruiting Manager, Kyle. "The significance given to a handshake is man-made like any courtesy, we have the power to collectively change it and I think we should. I’ve always been interested in the much more reverent and hands-free bow, as exhibited in countries like Japan."

With that, others show a spark of hope when it comes to a handshake comeback.

Tracy, Senior VP of Specialty Services says, "I think that it will take a while for the handshake to return, but it will eventually. For now, eye contact and a warm smile will have to suffice."

But, we can't be too confident while moving forward with the handshake. Samantha, TEC's Safety/Benefits Coordinator says, "I think handshakes will need confirmation from the other person before you just go ahead and reach out your hand."

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