Winning LinkedIn Part 2: Jobs Settings

Not only does the Jobs tab function as a typical job board, but it also has a pretty cool dynamic with the rest of the platform. Since LinkedIn is for all professional, not just the ones looking for jobs, the top of the Jobs page has a button for you to set your current career interests.

Career Status

The best part about the career interests settings is that you can tell recruiters that you are either actively applying, casually looking, not looking but open to opportunities, or not open to opportunities. Remember when we established that you can’t apply for all the jobs? Well, this feature helps the jobs find you.

Although your job search status can’t do all the legwork for you, it does give recruiters permission to message you without connecting with you first. Recruiters are constantly searching for the best employees, so if they find you before you find them, the door is open.

Understand that secrecy isn’t guaranteed. Even though your job search status is only visible to paid job posters, LinkedIn doesn’t claim liability if your current employer sees you’re looking for a new job. This downside is rare, but it couldn’t hurt to prepare for a frank conversation with your boss.

Also understand that if you’re actively looking for a job, you still need to apply for specific positions. Bummer, I know, but deploying this resource should speed up the process. LinkedIn helps out by giving employers the option to let you use your profile as your application. This means that you have fewer buggy, redundant, outdated, suspiciously lengthy applications to face.


The rest of the career interests settings are all about what you’re looking for in a job. This includes location, job title, industry, company size, and type of employment (full-time, remote, contract, etc.) If you get road rage, you can even enter your address and limit job searches by estimated commute time.

The more information you enter combined with the jobs you apply for through LinkedIn helps the algorithm make increasingly better job suggestions.

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