Winning LinkedIn Part 3: Premium

When you reach the point where you’ve already applied for all of the jobs that LinkedIn is suggesting, you will probably cry. But then remember, there’s no problem that money can’t solve (not really, but there’s a reason you need a job…). Scrounge up thirty bucks and let LinkedIn Premium give you a leg up over the cheap, not-yet-as-desperate competition.

Applicant Ranking

The first thing you can do with Premium is take a look at the cheap shots. You’ll start seeing percentages next to job posts that tell you what percent of applicants for that job you are more qualified than. You get a confidence boost and a chance to drown out your inferiors for just one payment a month!

Premium also conveniently puts your application at the top of the list. Because reading through dozens of applications is not a fun thing to do. Recruiters will be relieved by your “look-no-further” resume saving them from wasting time.


Additionally, you’ll have access to free LinkedIn courses to earn extra certifications. They usually only require watching an hour or so of videos and answering a few questions at the end. It’s a great way to learn and grow your profile, even if you’re not on the job hunt.


When you’re feeling particularly aggressive, you have an allowance of inbox messages and connection requests you can send free of requirements. In case you didn’t know, you can’t just reach out to anyone on LinkedIn without having some kind of commonality, like mutual connections or previous employers.

With your allowance, you can flag down recruiters, fellow university alum, or possible future co-workers in a company you really want to work for. Just don’t be overbearing. You can’t go wrong with mentioning your interest and asking for advice. People like to feel needed.

LinkedIn connects the professional world in a game-changing way. Gone are the days of knocking on doors and hand delivering resumes. The algorithms are to the point where you can get interviews without even applying for a job.

Great tools can be challenging to figure out and utilize to the fullest. Start with these tips and enlarge your possibilities.

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