TEC Testimonials

TEC Group, Inc. is doing everything possible to keep our employees safe & healthy during these unprecedented times.

We value our employees and we show it.


J.D., Toolmaker

I am really thankful that TEC Group is continuing to cover insurance. With all that is going on, the peace of mind knowing that we have medical insurance coverage is a heavy load off my mind. Very much appreciated.

K.B., Machine Builder

really appreciate TEC’s efforts to ensure that all the employees are healthy throughout this strange turn of events.

J.A., Machine Builder

What a great gesture on TEC’s part to continue covering insurance during this hard time.

T.H., Journeyman Toolmaker

I have been actively working for TEC/Batton for the past 10 years.  Your team keeps in good contact with me about different jobs and has always tried its best for optimal placements at the best wages possible.  I hope that we may continue doing business for quite a time longer.

R.N., Machine Builder

Thank you so much, this news is such a relief right now.

G.D, Machine Builder

Thank you for the Insurance extension, so appreciated.

N.C., Budget Analyst

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to hear TEC is extending our medical benefits!  What a generous thing for them to do.  It really helps reduce some of the stress while we wait to hear if we will get the opportunity to return to work.  Truly grateful!  Thank you for the good news.

J.F., Tool Design Specialist 

This is really nice of TEC to do, and gives me a new hope we will get back on 

track soon. This is really very appreciated.  Please pass along my sincere gratitude to the appropriate team members.