July 27, 2021

Your 2.2 Second Interview

First Impressions

Your looks should be irrelevant to your ability to fill a job opening. Make it easier for the interviewer to hear what you have to say by not distracting them with a flashy or unclean appearance.

Studies show that it takes a potential employer only 2.2 seconds to judge your appearance.

What do you want to want him or her to notice? Here’s a hint: It shouldn’t be the fact that you have a very fluffy cat or that neon yellow is your favorite color. The correct answer is that you want to look clean and ready to get down to business.

A note to the ladies from one of our recruiters:

“As a woman, I know how difficult it is to decide what to wear – especially for important events. We all want to look classy, stylish yet professional, but what does that really look like, right? There are some basic standards that you should always follow when dressing for an interview.

To clarify the graphic below, “fitted” means not baggy, but also leave room for you to breathe, walk, and sit. Skirts should never fall above the knee; trust me, you don’t want to have to fidget with a skirt when you’re trying to make a good impression. On that note, don’t wear heels higher than two inches, no matter how confident you are in your stilt walking. Good luck!”

Up next: Don’t forget these body-language essentials

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