July 27, 2021

Our Benefits Offerings

Working for a contract house isn’t as different from traditional employment as some people think. Most positions that TEC Group offers are full-time and indefinitely on-going. The primary differences are that TEC signs your paycheck and provides you with benefit packages while you work for one of our clients.

All of our U.S. employees working more than 30 hours a week can opt in the benefits below.

Medical Benefits

We are proud to offer several medical plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. You can choose the option that best meets the needs of you and your family. Our plans include prescription drug coverage and access to a 24-hour nurse line.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Qualified BCBSM plans have an HSA available. You can contribute pre-tax funds from your paycheck and have the ability to make changes to your contribution at any time. Funds in these accounts can be used for qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses.

TEC Group will also make contributions to your account depending on the medical plan you select. In addition, any unused HSA balances rollover into the next year.


Plan for retirement with pre-tax, Roth, & Catch-up contributions directly through payroll deductions.

Weekly Pay & Direct Deposit

Deposit your paycheck to multiple checking and savings accounts without needing to go to the bank. Access your paycheck & W2 information online 24-7.

Vision Plans

The vision plan offers annual standard and contact eye exams. Lenses and frame allowances are available every two years when applied to purchases through an in-network provider.

Dental Plans

Delta Dental of Michigan offers deductible-free,100% covered diagnostic and preventive services when they’re performed by a Delta PPO dentist. This plan also offers orthodontic coverage for children up to age 19.

Paid Holidays

Available after a short probationary period. The specific terms of paid holidays are included in original proposals and/or offer letters.

Paid Time Off

You start earning vacation on your first day! PTO plan details are included in original proposals and/or offer letters. Plus, you never lose the PTO you accrue.

Employee Discounts

Dealership and phone bill discounts are available to all TEC Group employees. More discounts to come!

Employee Referral Incentives Program

Collect up to $500 per person you refer and we hire. See your TEC Group rep for details.

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